Trump Already Stuffing His Team With Washington Insiders

Donald Trump may have a problem with “professional protesters” but he appears to have no such qualms about professional politicians. Barely 24 hours into Trump’s term as President-elect, Trump’s team is already stuffed with Washington political insiders.

Trump came to power on a promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington, proposing congressional term limits and a “five point plan” for ethics reform. However, CNN now report that all signs now point to there being a heavy influence from Washington Republicans in the transition.

Unlike Clinton, Trump ran a policy light campaign, meaning that his new staff of Washington insiders will be able to exert significant influence over his policy agenda.

Leaders in the Trump’s transition so far include former Rep. Mike Rogers, former Reagan Attorney General and Heritage Foundation fellow Edwin Meese, former President of Heritage Edwin Feulner, former Bush administration official and lobbyist Christine Ciccone, former Dick Cheney adviser Ado Machida, former Senate Budget Committee staffer Eric Ueland and former Sen. Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff Rick Dearborn. A senior aide to Mike Pence has said that Steve Bannon will also have a strong role in Trump’s administration working with Congress and on legislation.

Lobbyists around Washington are also confident that Trump can be influenced by their input, again, as Trump’s policy positions were much thinner than Clinton, and many are open to interpretation.

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