Use Coconut Oil to Boost Your Health and Balance Your Diet

Packed with fatty acids, coconut oil is a powerful alternative to olive oil and traditional beauty products. Coconut isn’t to everyone’s taste, but cooking with the oil doesn’t have to mean everything you eat tastes like coconut. The flavour of the food will prevail. Alternative or additional ways in which coconut can be incorporated into your healthy diet and lifestyle include using it on your skin, hair and drinking it:

Cook with it

Rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) (quantity varies depending on brand), coconut oil offers a healthy alternative to olive or vegetable oils and sugar. Fry with it, add a spoonful to your morning coffee, use as a substitute in baking and even roast potatoes in it. The options are endless and the coconut taste won’t damage the natural flavor of the ingredients you’re using.

Drink it

Coconut water arrived on the health and wellbeing scene as a super healthy alternative to sugary fruit juices, smoothies and sodas. The benefits are similar to those reaped when cooking with coconut oil or incorporating it into a regular beauty regime; healthier looking skin and improving your insides – from easing digestion to adding necessary nutrients to the body and bloodstream.

Beautify your body with it

Homemade beauty treatments have had a surge in popularity thanks to the appeal of buying one product (coconut oil, in this instance) and benefiting from its multiple uses e.g. in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Add coconut oil to your hair for a nourishing conditioning treatment either after shampooing or as a hair mask. Leave it in for 30 minutes or overnight to maximise the benefits. Remove your make-up with it and banish face wipes/cleansing/toning from your skincare routine forever. Use as a hand and cuticle cream for softer skin or mix up your moisturising routine an apply it to clean, damp skin after showering. Alleviate dryness by opting for coconut oil over a traditional face mask, scrub or moisturiser for younger looking skin and so much more!

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