The Exact Workout Routine I Used To Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days

Today I’m going to share a very efficient programme to get lean for summer. I’ll also share some of the mental aspects of training too that have really helped me a lot along the way.

My favourite programme for getting lean is the 6-12-25. Starting on the 6-12-25 was a turning point for me in my personal fitness. It was actually the routine that landed me the contract with Discount Supps, and a ton of modelling gigs too.

Some of the benefits I got as a direct result of doing the 6-12-25 programme:

  • Agency modelling contract, and paid modelling work including calendars.
  • More casting calls for acting work
  • Ambassadorship for Discount Supps, a leading fitness supplements company
  • More confidence approaching guys I liked in bars (and even in the street!)
  • An overall sense of well being, fitness, and desire to come to the gym every day
  • Improved athletic performance in sports that I was doing already, like five a side football and street / commercial dancing
  • Confidence to fully commit to stuff like acting and dancing that I had done before, but hadn’t fully got into
  • Lots and lots of comments on my improved appearance
  • Matches and swipes from people who I thought were ‘out of my league’ on Tinder

I am not at all exaggerating when I say that this was a workout routine that changed my life – it changed my approach to personal fitness and made me want to absolutely monster the gym every day.

So what is the 6-12-25?

It’s a routine I love doing, and I always felt very enthusiastic about getting to the gym and doing the work. This is important as so much of personal fitness is mental and about motivation.

The 6-12-25 is based on isolating specific muscle groups with a short burst of heavy / low rep activity, medium repetition bursts of medium intensity activity, and high repetitions of low weights.

You feel yourself getting progressively more pumped throughout the workout, so it’s quite an energising one to complete. The 6-12-25 is intended as a six week programme – check your gains and switch up accordingly. It transformed my figure when I did it.

Tuesday and Saturday – Chest and Back

A1: Weighted Dips 5 Sets, 6 Reps, 90 Sec rest

B1: 6 Reps Incline Chest Press Dumbbells

B2: 12 Reps Incline Bench Fly Dumbbells

B3: 25 Reps Incline Bench Neutral Chest Press Dumbbells

Repeat 4 Times

C1: 6 Reps Lat One Arm Row Dumbbells

C2: 12 Reps Bent Over Rows Barbells C3: 25 Reps Bent Over Row Dumbbell Neutral Grip

Repeat 4 Times

Monday and Thursday: Legs and Traps

A1: Barbell Deadlifts 5 Sets 6 Reps 90 Sec Rest

B1: 6 Reps Barbell Squats

Rest 10 Seconds

B2: 25 Reps Bodyweight Squats

Repeat 4 Times

C1: 6 Reps Barbell Shrugs

C2: 12 Reps Barbell Reverse Shrugs

C3: 25 Reps Dumbbells Neutral Grip Shrugs

Repeat 4 Times

Wednesday and Friday: Arms

A1: 6 Reps Dumbbells Seated Shoulder Press

Rest 10 Seconds

A2: 12 Reps Dumbbell Seated Bent Over Lateral Raises

A3: 25 Reps Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Repeat 4 Times

B1: 10 Reps Standing E-Z Barbell Preacher Curl

Rest 10 Seconds

B2: 12 Reps Seated Incline Double Dumbbells Bicep Curl

B3: 25 Reps Seated Incline Hammer Curls Dumbbells

Repeat 4 times

C1: 10 Reps Skull Crusher E-Z Barbell

Rest 10 Seconds

C2: 12 Reps Biceps Kick Backs Dumbbells

C3: 25 Reps Triceps Cable Push Downs

Repeat 4 times


Rest Day


5 times a week, 24 min HIT, 1 minute fast run, 1 minute jog

Treadmill – if too tired use the bike.

Warm ups for every session

A1: 3 x 12 Underhand Chin Ups

B1: Press Ups

Wrapping Up

So there’s the programme. It had a huge effect on me, and it’s up to you to decide what to do with it. Fitness is very much in the mind. Some days you won’t feel like doing it. Just turn up. Every day.

It is really important to be doing this five times a week – you won’t see the change you want otherwise.

I talk to a lot of people about improving their personal fitness – some of them end up taking action, some don’t. A lot of people talk about doing it.

A lot of people are so good at selling things that they even convince themselves. You have to decide if you’re someone who is all talk or if you’re someone who is going to make it happen.

If you give this programme six weeks, you will see a massive improvement in your fitness- as long as you keep your nutrition in check. But no excuses about not knowing what to do at the gym.

Either this is important to you or it’s not – but unless fitness is in your top three life priorities, I can guarantee that you’re not going to make the progress that you want to make.

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