My Secret To Monstering The Gym

Two or three times a week, I will make an effort to have a monster session at the gym. “Monster” sessions for me are like normal sessions, but more intense.

It’s only actually possible to have two or three sessions like this a week – some days your body needs to recover and just go through the motions a bit.

I’ve found that my Monster sessions are as much about mindset as anything else. I have to be mentally in the right place. The good news is that you can hack your mental state to get there.

Here’s a few things that I’ve found have helped.

1) Invest In A Decent Set Of Headphones

I find a good set of cans to be a good “dealing with London” tactic as much as a good gym tactic, but there are a few things to consider.

For the gym, you want a good set of over ear headphones, with decent bass, and a decent size studio cord.

I’ve tried a few pairs of headphones for the gym, but have settled on a pair of Skullcandy Hesh 2Skullcandy Hesh 2 that I like. They’re not too expensive either, so if and when they break, it doesn’t matter too much.

Note that this isn’t the same thing as you’ll be looking for in your regular set: crisp audio doesn’t matter that much at the gym. It’s more about having decent bass and being able to lock yourself out from what’s happening around you.

In terms of music, I like something which is quite euphoric and upbeat. Pop rock like Fall Out Boy or New Found Glory tends to work quite well for me, though I can get into a good and focused frame of mind listening to Nas and Jay Z too.

2) Eat Before You Workout

Different people will tell you different things about whether you should eat before you work out.

Me, I prefer to at least eat something, even if it’s only a banana. It just means that I’m not thinking about eating when I’m working out.

I’d avoid heavy carbs such as bread or pasta before working out though. It does give you energy, but leaves you feeling quite sluggish.

Pre-workout formula such as [Grenade 50 Calibre]( can help too, but it’s important to save that for when you really need it as your body does develop a resistance.

3) If You’ve Had A Long Day, Do Steam Room First

A lot of people like to workout and then jump in the steam room and the pool. I actually prefer to do that in reverse.

Sometimes getting in the steam room after a long day at work helps me mentally reset and get me focused for the gym.

It’s quite hard to walk straight out of work and into a decent session at the gym. If you’ve had some pre workout formula as well, the time spent in the steam room can begin to work before you work out.

4) Focus On Where You Want To Be

Lock into a mental image of where you want to get to physically when you start, and imagine yourself getting progressively closer to your goal as you work out.

This might be looking good at the club, getting more attention from guys and girls, or an event that you are training for. Imagine yourself succeeding at that, and you’ll be in a much better place mentally.

Getting into good shape mentally is really important for those monster sessions at the gym – and it’s the memories of those really great sessions that carry you through the more ropey ones.

What are the techniques you use?

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